Migration and Diversity in Asian Contexts

Migration and Diversity in Asian Contexts
Date of publication:  2012
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  293
Code:  BM466
Soft Cover
ISBN: 9789814380478
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“This book provides an interesting insight into issues of migration and diversity in Asia, focusing on different scales, and incorporating everyday experiences through in depth analyses of different case studies. In drawing on a range of academic disciplines, and in utilizing numerous methodological approaches, the chapters within the book also demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge, thereby contributing not only to migration literature in the region, but migration literature more broadly, subsequently offering a complex negotiation of the different pathways of migration research and beyond. In focusing on migration as both historical legacy and contemporary issue, the chapters within the book bring new light to migration research, demonstrating the inherent importance of looking back in order to look forwards, and drawing together the global and the local through a process of ‘glocalization’ (Massey, 1991) which is seldom discussed in such detail; the contributions of this book, then, are multiple, and demonstrate a move forward in migration action research that draws together the state, the people, and everyday experience to investigate issues within migration and diversity in light of contemporary globalization and increased interconnectivity in the world today” (Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography).

About the publication

This volume makes an important and unique contribution to scholarly understandings of migration and diversity through its focus on Asian contexts. Current scholarship and literature on processes of migration and the consequences of diversity is heavily concentrated on Western contexts and their concerns with "multiculturalism", "integration", "rights and responsibilities", "social cohesion", "social inclusion", and "cosmopolitanism". In contrast, there has been relatively little attention given to migration and growing diversity in Asian contexts which are constituted by highly distinct and varied histories, cultures, geographies, and political economies. This book fills this significant gap in the literature on migration studies with a concentrated focus on communities, cities and countries in the Asian region that are experiencing increased levels of population mobility and subsequent diversity. Not only does it offer analyses of the policies and processes of migration, it also addresses the outcomes and implications of migration and diversity -- these include a focus on multiculturalism and citizenship in the Asian region, the emerging complex forms of governance in response to increased diversity, discussions of different settlement experiences, and the practices of everyday life and encounters in increasingly diverse locales.


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