One Degree, Many Choices: A Glimpse into the Career Choices of the NTI Pioneer Engineering Class of 85

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About the Publication

An early crossroad in life is choosing a field of study at the university. This lays the foundation for the rest of our lives. This book records the career choices of the first batch of 557 engineering graduates from the Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI) as NTU was known in 1985. Engineering was then the only discipline offered. The passage of 25 years yielded deep insights as these pioneers reflected on the impact of their engineering education on their careers.
           Demonstrating the reach and significance of engineering will arouse the curiousity and imagination of the young, especially those good at maths and science. These life stories showcase the options open to an engineering graduate. If this book inspires some to take up an engineering education in general and at NTU in particular, it will have achieved its purpose.

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NTU Alumni Club


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One Degree, Many Choices: A Glimpse into the Career Choices of the NTI Pioneer Engineering Class of 85 [Whole Publication, ISBN: 978-981-4379-77-9] 3.90 USD
14.00 USD
Preliminary pages with Introduction Download
1. The Planning of NTI; 2. Implementing the Vision; 3. The Year 1985 5.00 USD
4. Riding High on Semiconductors; 5. Thriving in the Chemical Industry; 6. Navigating the Marine Industry; 7. Rise & Decline of the Disk Drive Industry; 8. Boom & Bust in the Electronics Industry; 9. Leading Lights in the IT Industry; 10. Riding the Ups & Downs in the Telecommunications Industry; 11. Transporting the Masses; 12. Providing Electricity & Gas to Singaporeans; 13. Environment Engineering & Inventions; 14. Building Infrastructure & Housing Millions; 15. Building Jewels In & Out of Singapore; 16. Soaring in Aerospace; 17. Banking on the Emerging Life Sciences Industry; 18. Making Waves in Other Industries; 19. Growing Singapore Inc through Government-Linked Companies; 20. Defending Our Nation; 21. Moulding Future Leaders; 22. Training Engineers at the Frontline; 23. The CSE Entrepreneurs; 24. Technopreneurs from EEE; 25. MPEGraduates Who Became Their Own Boss 5.00 USD
26. Adding Value to the Electronics Industry; 27. Holding Their Own in a Man's World; 28. Luminaries on the Infocomms Technology; 29. Grooming the Next Generation; 30. Jumping onto the Business Bandwagon; 31. Developing Human Capital; 32. Aces in the Police & Defence Arenas; 33. Treading Paths Less Travelled 5.00 USD
34. Serving in Politics; 35. Carving out Niches in the Banking & Finance Industry; 36. Making Zoe Tay & Joanne Peh Stars; 37. Making Singapore a Famed Education Hub; 38. Beyond a Self-focused Life 5.00 USD
39. NTI's Impact in Retrospect; 40. Engineering Education Then, Today & the Future; 41. Competing for Talent; 42. How I Benefitted; 43. Compass at the Crossroads of Life 5.00 USD
I. The Highs & Lows of the Singapore Economy; II. Profile of the NTI Pioneer Engineering Class of 85; III. Gone but Not Forgotten; IV. List of Acronyms; V. Class of 85 Name List 5.00 USD

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