ASEAN Economic Bulletin Vol. 2/2 (Nov 1985)

ASEAN Economic Bulletin Vol. 2/2 (Nov 1985)
Date of publication:  November 1985
Number of pages:  70
Code:  AE2/2


  • Preliminary pages
  • Changing Trade Patterns and Policy Issues: The Prospects for ASEAN and the Asian NICs, by Seiji F Naya, Ulrich Hiemenz, authors
  • Australia's Interests in Pacific Economic Co-operation, by Peter Drysdale, author
  • The Economic Rationale of Trade Policy Co-operation between ASEAN and the EC: Has Co-operation Benefited ASEAN?, by Rolf J Langhammer, author
  • Unemployment Trends in Peninsular Malaysia during the 1970s, by G T Harris, Tai Shzee Yew, authors
  • DOCUMENTATION: Co-operation Agreement between Member Countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the European Economic Community
  • BOOK REVIEWS: The 21st Century The Asian Century?, edited by Sung-Jo Park, by Hans Christoph Rieger, author
  • BOOK REVIEWS: Food Security Issues in ASEAN Agricultural Development, edited by Francis K Chan and L J Fredericks, by Kenneth James , author
  • BOOK REVIEWS: Unreal Growth: Critical Studies on Asian Development, edited by Ngo Mahn-Lan, by Hans Christoph Rieger, author
  • BOOK REVIEWS: Missing Women: Development Planning in Asia and the Pacific, edited by Noeleen Heyzer, by Nurulasikin Ithnin, author
  • ASEAN Chronology 1985
  • Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars
  • Some Recent Publications

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