Islamic Connections: Muslim Societies in South and Southeast Asia

Islamic Connections: Muslim Societies in South and Southeast Asia
Date of publication:  2009
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  245
Code:  BM368


"Every paper in this collection illustrates the dynamic interactions between Muslims in South and Southeast Asia, and moreover that they exist for the most part without reference to the Islamic 'heartland' in Arabia. Thus, they show that South and Southeast Asia play a much more substantial role in Islamic civilisation than being just 'conduit and consumer' as Feener puts it, of ideas and influences from the Middle East. This book begins the important work of changing scholarly perspectives on what in the twenty-first century will be an increasingly important part not just of the Muslim world but of the world in general" (Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland).

About the publication

Well over half of the world's Muslim population lives in Asia. Over the centuries a rich constellation of Muslim cultures developed there and the region is currently home to some of the most dynamic and important developments in contemporary Islam. Despite this, the internal dynamics of Muslim societies in Asia do not often receive commensurate attention in international Islamic Studies scholarship. This volume brings together the work of an interdisciplinary group of scholars discussing various aspects of the complex relationships between the Muslim communities of South and Southeast Asia. With their respective contributions covering points and patterns of interaction from the medieval to the contemporary periods, they attempt to map new trajectories for understanding the ways in which these two crucial areas have developed in relation to each other, as well as in the broader contexts of both world history and the current age of globalization.


  • Islamic Connections: Muslim Societies in South and Southeast Asia
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789812309242]
  • Preliminary pages with Introduction by R. Michael Feener
  • 1. Connected Histories? Regional Historiography and Theories of Cultural Contact Between Early South and Southeast Asia, by Daud Ali, author
  • 2. Like Banners on the Sea: Muslim Trade Networks and Islamization in Malabar and Maritime Southeast Asia, by Sebastian Prange, author
  • 3. Circulating Islam: Understanding Convergence and Divergence in the Islamic Traditions of Mabar and Nusantara, by Torsten Tschacher, author
  • 4. From Jewish Disciple to Muslim Guru: On Literary and Religious Transformations in Late Nineteenth Century Java, by Ronit Ricci, author
  • 5. Wayang Parsi, Bangsawan and Printing: Commercial Cultural Exchange between South Asia and the Malay World, by Jan van der Putten, author
  • 6. Religion and the Undermining of British Rule in South and Southeast Asia during the Great War, by Kees van Dijk, author
  • 7. The Ahmadiyya Print Jihad in South and Southeast Asia, by Iqbal Singh Sevea, author
  • 8. Making Medinas in the East: Islamist Connections and Progressive Islam, by Terenjit Sevea, author
  • 9. Sharia-mindedness in the Malay World and the Indian Connection: The Contributions of Nur al-Din al-Raniri and Nik Abdul Aziz bin Haji Nik Mat, by Peter G Riddell, author
  • 10. The Tablighi Jamaat as Vehicle of (Re)Discovery: Conversion Narratives and the Appropriation of India in the Southeast Asian Tablighi Movement, by Farish A Noor, author
  • 11. From Karachi to Kuala Lumpur: Charting Sufi Identity across the Indian Ocean, by Robert Rozehnal, author
  • Index
  • Colour Plates

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