Lost in Transition: Malaysia under Abdullah

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About the Publication

This is a significant collection of essays on recent tumultuous political developments in Malaysia written by a scholar who is proving to be one of the most perceptive observers of the intricate politics of the country and the complex intermeshing of social, cultural and economic issues with political events and happenings. There is also a salutary warning for the country and Malaysians on what the costs are when silence from the top is the main political strategy and public response in dealing with national issues of pressing importance remains weak. -- Dr Lim Teck Ghee, Director, Centre for Public Initiatives
           Ooi has encapsulated recent Malaysian events in a manner that is useful to the Malaysians and the non-Malaysians. To the Malaysians it is a reminder of events which tend to get forgotten in the relentless tide of contentious issues that keep battering us. To the non-Malaysians it gives a comprehensive overview of recent Malaysian politics. Shifting with ease between politics, economics and history, Ooi has drawn a clear picture rich with facts as one would expect from an analysis that has both the impassioned plea of the insider and the academic detachment of the outsider. -- Dr Azmi Sharom, Faculty of Law, Universiti Malaya


Preliminary pages
1. Malaysia's Political Outlook for 2006-2007
2. Little Choice for Abdullah in Cabinet Reshuffle
3. Silence Is No Longer an Option
4. Only UMNO Can Threaten UMNO
5. Khairy's Dilemma: To Speak or Not to Speak
6. Was Mahathir Lulled into Waiting Too Long?
7. Mahathir Versus Abdullah: Can the Worms be Recanned?
8. Abdullah's 4th Year: Less Hope, More Sympathy
9. Abdulaah's Task: Reforming NEP
10. Malaysia's Squandered Reform Chance
11. How the Leftist NEP Became a Rightist Policy
12. Malaysia's Political Outlook for 2007-2008
13. So How Long Was the Malayan Peninsula Colonised?
14. Corruption in Malaysia: When Low Ability Betrays High Aims
15. Crisis Conservationism: Is RELA a Necessity or an Embarrassment?
16. A Lack of Self-Criticism Weakens Public Confidence
17. National History Cannot be One Single Story
18. Abdullah Wants UMNO General Assembly to Show Unity
19. Malaysia's Opposition Marching to a New Tactic
20. Malaysian Elections: Abdullah's Own Prediction
21. Malaysia's Political Outlook for 2008-2009
22. Malaysia's Thin Line between State and Faith
23. Stomping Where Others Fear to Tread
24. From Malay to Muslim to Melayu Baru ... What Next?
25. Getting Rid of Race-based Decisions
26. Royal Voice for Racial Harmony
27. Tun Dr Ismail's Foreign Policy Legacy
28. Abandoning Medicine for Merdeka
29. How Did Tun Dr Ismail View the NEP?
30. Can Tun Dr Ismail Help Break the Impasse?
31. Pondering 50 Years of Nationhood
32. The Centre and the Periphery Must Meet
33. Shenzhen, the IDR and the Middle Path
34. We Don't Need to be Saints to have Good Governance
35. The Nation-State is Culturally Xenophobic
36. Is it Time for a Harmonious Society in Malaysia?
37. Malaysia-Singapore Relations: Framing Lee Kuan Yew's Marginalization Discourse
38. The Income Gap in China Is the Medication, Not the Disease
39. Modern China's Real Revolution

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