E-Commerce in the Asian Context: Selected Case Studies

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About the Publication

E-Commerce in Asia has been receiving considerable attention as a result of the proliferation of Internet connectivity and technologies in the region. In response to this trend, the Pan Asia Networking (PAN) programme in IDRC (International Development Research Centre) Canada commissioned a series of four studies to investigate the various economic, social, methodological, and security issues related to this emerging business paradigm. The scope of these reports ranges from the policy environment in Vietnam, to the empowerment of rural womens artisan groups in Southern India. The series was embarked upon as an exploration into the technical and socio-economic achievements and challenges faced by e-commerce in Asia, and to obtain a broad understanding of the lessons learned and future developments of this dynamic business model.

Co-publication: ISEAS / IDRC

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / International Development Research Centre


Preliminary pages
Introduction, by Renald Lafond, Chaitali Sinha, authors
1. Action Research on E-Commerce for Small Artisans and Development Organizations: Pan Asia E-Commerce, by Aniceto C Orbeta, Jr., author
2. Direct Marketing of Artisanal Products through the Internet, by Rajveer Singh, author
3. E-marketers: An Innovative Approach to E-Commerce, by Loyola Joseph, Santosh Narayanan, authors
4. Impact of Policy on Development of E-Commerce in Vietnam, by Tran Ngoc Ca, author

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