Social Democracy in Australia's Asian Future

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About the Publication

In the last two decades of the twentieth century, Australia underwent profound change. It went from being one of the most closed economies to international movements of goods services and capital amongst the rich countries of the world to being one of the most open.
           Ross Garnaut, one of Australia's foremost economists, charts these changes and provides a vital insider's perspective on this extraordinary shift in the way Australia perceives itself, its needs, and its role in the world.

Co-publication: ISEAS / APP

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Asia Pacific Press


Preliminary pages
1. Introduction
2. Social Democracy in Australia's Asian Future I
3. International Trade Policy and the Labour Market in Australia
4. Protection, Structural Adjustment and Development
5. Australia and the Northeast Asian Ascendancy
6. The Market and the State in Economic Development: Some Questions from East Asia and Australia
7. The End of Protection and the Beginnings of a Modern Industrial Economy: Australia in the 1990s
8. Social Democracy in Australia's Asian Future II
9. Getting off the Sheep's Back
10. Australia's Asia Pacific Journey
11. The New Gold Mountain and the Young Tree Green
12. Europe or Asia: Do We Have to Choose?
13. Investing in Full Employment
14. Full Employment in a New Century
15. Full Employment and Free Trade in Australia
16. Free Trade, Wages, Social Security and Income Distribution: A New Look at an Old Australian Story
Appendix I, Appendix II: The Five Economists' Letter, References, Index

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