Pentecostal Megachurches in Southeast Asia: Negotiating Class, Consumption and the Nation

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Charismatic pastors, fast-paced worship sessions, inspirational but shallow theology, and large congregations — these are just some of the associated traits of Pentecostal megachurches. But what lies beneath the veneer of glitz? What are their congregations like? How did they grow so quickly? How have they managed to negotiate local and transnational challenges? This book seeks to understand the growth and popularity of independent Pentecostal megachurches in Southeast Asia. Using an ethnographic approach, the chapters examine Pentecostal megachurches in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Each chapter dwells on the development of the megachurch set against the specific background of the country’s politics and history.


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Pentecostal Megachurches in Southeast Asia: Negotiating Class, Consumption and the Nation [Whole Publication, ISBN: 978-981-4786-89-8], by Terence Chong, editor 24.00 USD
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1. Introduction, by Terence Chong, author Download
2. Pentecostal Megachurches in Jakarta: Class, Local, and Global Dynamics, by Chang-Yau Hoon, author 5.00 USD
3. Counting Souls: Numbers and Mega-worship in the Global Christian Network of Indonesia, by En-Chieh Chao, author 5.00 USD
4. Reaching the City of Kuala Lumpur and Beyond: Being a Pentecostal Megachurch in Malaysia, by Jeaney Yip, author 5.00 USD
5. Pentecostalism in Klang Valley, Malaysia, by Chong Eu Choong, author 5.00 USD
6. Jesus is Lord: The Indigenization of Megachurch Christianity in the Philippines, by Jayeel Serrano Cornelio, author 5.00 USD
7. Pentecostal Charismatic Megachurches in the Philippines, by Joel Tejedo, author 5.00 USD
8. Grace, Megachurches, and the Christian Prince in Singapore, by Daniel P.S. Goh, author 5.00 USD
9. Speaking the Heart of Zion in the Language of Canaan: City Harvest and the Cultural Mandate in Singapore, by Terence Chong, author 5.00 USD
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