From Darkness to Light: Energy Security Assessment in Indonesia's Power Sector

From Darkness to Light: Energy Security Assessment in Indonesia's Power Sector
Date of publication:  2016
Publisher:  ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute
Number of pages:  194
Code:  ENERGY9
Soft Cover
ISBN: 9789814695473
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Peter McCawley. Asian-Pacific Economic Literature, 2017.

"This well-informed and thoughtful survey of the electric power sector in Indonesia assesses the worrying outlook for electricity energy security across the nation. At the same time, the book provides an overview of the development of the electricity sector in Indonesia in recent decades. In view of the current international discussions about the need to expand investment in infrastructure in developing countries, it is extremely useful to have a study of this kind. 

.... The broad approach that Sambodo takes is welcome from several points of view. First, it reminds us that a knowledge of economic history is useful in considering current public policy issues. Many of the challenges that policy makers in the electric power sector in Indonesia face today reflect decisions taken and practices successively introduced into the industry over the past century. 

.... This book is a valuable contribution to the international literature on energy security in developing countries. This is especially so since it is written from the point of view of an observer who has extensive field experience in Indonesia. Further, the topic of strengthening energy security is an extremely important one. And it is not clear that the current discourse in industrialised countries, which places much emphasis on the importance of environmental goals, pays sufficient attention to the need for adequate and secure supplies of affordable energy in developing countries. This sobering survey of the challenges in Indonesia by Max Sambodo will help bring balance to the international discussion of the issues."

About the publication

This book aims to assess multidimensional aspects of energy security in the electricity sector. There are few academic literature that assess regulation and governance, availability, technology development and efficiency, environmental sustainability, and affordability dimension comprehensively. This book demonstrates how these dimensions are interconnected.

The publication of this book comes at a timely moment when the Indonesian government needs to provide electricity access to more than 60 million people, to speed up electrification ratio outside Java, to reduce electricity subsidy, and to promote green power system. Moving from darkness to light, Indonesia needs to strengthen regulation and governance as a basis to elevate other dimensions to move forward.


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