Financing Southeast Asia's Economic Development

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About the Publication

This book examines the various policy options open to the ten countries of the region for improving and diversifying their financial resources. The Asian financial crisis exposed the vulnerabilities of Southeast Asia's bank-based finance sector, and illustrated the pressing need to develop a more robust and multi-faceted financial infrastructure across the region. Looking ahead, sustained economic development in Southeast Asia will be constrained unless the region can embrace new sources of capital. Authored by experts in their respective fields, the chapters of this book examine such issues as the regions current debt burden, the regions banking sector since the 1997-98 crisis, micro-financing efforts in the region, new opportunities in project financing, developing venture capital capabilities, reviving foreign direct investment inflows, creating bond markets, developing the regions lacklustre equity markets, and the potential benefits of financial integration.


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Financing Southeast Asia's Economic Development 60.00 USD
Preliminary pages
1. External Financing under Financial Globalization: An East Asian Perspective, by Akira Kohsaka, author 6.00 USD
2. Managing the Debt Burden in Southeast Asia, by Homi Kharas, Sudarshan Gooptu, authors 6.00 USD
3. Commercial Bank Lending and Restructuring in the ASEAN-5 Countries, by Sakulrat Montreevat, Denis Hew Wei-Yen, authors 6.00 USD
4. The Challenges of Microfinancing in Southeast Asia, by John D Conroy, author 6.00 USD
5. Opportunities and Trends in the ASEAN Project Finance Environment, by Gary S Wigmore, Giles Kennedy, authors 6.00 USD
6. Developing the Role of Venture Capital in Southeast Asia, by Khalili Khalil, author 6.00 USD
7. Reviving Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in Southeast Asia, by Hafiz Mirza, author 6.00 USD
8. Developing the Fledgeling Debt Securities Markets in Southeast Asia, by Mario B Lamberte, author 6.00 USD
9. Developing and Deepening the Equity Markets of Southeast Asia, by Nick J. Freeman, author 6.00 USD
10. Regional Financial Integration in Southeast Asia, by Ngiam Kee Jin, author 6.00 USD
11. The Role of Multilateral Lending and Development Agencies in Southeast Asia, by Santi Chaisrisawatsuk, Wisarn Pupphavesa, authors 6.00 USD
Appendix 1: Project Finance in Southeast Asias Water and Sanitation Sector, by Eric Teo Chu Cheow, author 6.00 USD
Appendix 2: Financing Electricity and Gas Supply in Southeast Asia: The Role of Intergovernmental Co-operation, by Andrew Symon, author 6.00 USD

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