The Life and Times of Gerald de Cruz: A Singaporean of Many Worlds

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About the Publication

Gerald de Cruz's life overlapped many of the spheres of Singapore's history after World War II. As a Eurasian, a nationalist, a communist and then a democratic socialist, as a journalist and a writer, he represents the insurgent energies of a truculent time when a nascent nation was seeking the basis of statehood. His commitment to progressive ideas and movements reveals a man of integrity in search of himself in a better world. This book seeks to portray his place in time, particularly for younger Singaporeans who did not live in an era that has inaugurated the history of independent Singapore.


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The Life and Times of Gerald de Cruz: A Singaporean of Many Worlds [Whole Publication, ISBN: 978-981-4620-69-7], by Asad-ul Iqbal Latif, author 7.90 USD
16.00 USD
Preliminary pages Download
1. Don de Cruz de la Singapura Download
2. Childhood and Youth
3. The Japanese Occupation
4. The Communist Years
5. Going Abroad
6. The English Years
7. Return to Singapore
8. The Political Thinker
9. Friend of Labour
10. The Columnist
11. The Family Man
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