SAAD Primer Series: LAO PDR

SAAD Primer Series: LAO PDR
Date of publication:  2010
Publisher:  SEARCA
Number of pages:  69
Code:  SEAR11

About the publication

The primer starts by discussing the state of Lao PDR's agriculture, structures and institutions, policy frameworks, and financial systems that help in bolstering the sector. It also outlines the means and methods by which the Lao PDR government enjoins farmers to take an active role in implementation of policies that transform the agriculture industry from subsistance to one that is market-oriented. The primer further presents the challenges that beset the industry. Likewise, it highlights the strategic positions and vast potentials of Lao PDR agriculture, being situated in one of the fastest emerging areas in Southeast Asia where long-term economic development is imminent.

Available for distribution by ISEAS Worldwide.

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