India and ASEAN: The Politics of India's Look East Policy

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About the Publication

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent reduction of the American forces in the region, there were fears in most ASEAN states of a power vacuum that a politically and economically dynamic China could easily fill. India too faced growing concerns at the possibility of a potentially hegemonic China wanting to dominate the region. This shared perception, together with India's own liberalized economic policies compelled New Delhi to look East. This book focuses on India's foreign policy at the turn of the millennium and examines the forging of new partnerships in Southeast Asia.

Co-publication: ISEAS / Ctr de Sciences Humaines/Ctr Study of Nat'l

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Centre de Sciences Humaines/Centre for the Study of National Security Policy/Manohar, India


Preliminary pages
1. Introduction, by Frederic Grare, author
2. The Geopolitical and Interconnection between South and South-East Asia, by Daljit Singh, author
3. ASEAN-India Relations during the Cold War, by Man Mohini Kaul, author
4. Regional Perceptions of India, by Kripa Sridharan, author
5. ASEAN in India's Foreign Policy, by Amitabh Mattoo, author
6. In Search of a Role: India and the ASEAN Regional Forum, by Frederic Grare, author
7. ASEAN-India Defence Interactions, by Mak Joon Num, author
8. India's Confrontation with Chinese Interests in Myanmar, by Gilles Boquerat, author
9. China Factor in India's Ties with South-East Asia, by Swaran Singh, author
10. The ASEAN-India Relationship: The Role of the United States, by Christian Wagner, author
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