India and Southeast Asia: A Study of Indian Perceptions and Policies

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About the Publication

A close contextual analysis of India's interests and perceptions in the region during its forty years of independence, putting it in the context of India's broad strategic and foreign policy framework, including an analysis of superpower relations and involvement. It argues that New Delhi now sees the future of Southeast Asia as closely linked to its own.

Co-publication: Routledge



Preliminary pages
1. India's Foreign Policy Framework and Strategic Perspective
2. Southeast Asia's Importance in Indian Foreign Policy: The Background
3. Southeast Asia in Indian Foreign Policy: Moving into the 1980s
4. India, China, and Southeast Asia
5. India, Indonesia, and Vietnam: Coincidence of Interests?
6. India and the Kampuchean Issue
7. India, the Superpowers, and Southeast Asia
8. India and Southeast Asia: Concluding Remarks

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