Christianity in Southeast Asia

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"This work is a useful guide to the growth of Christianity in Southeast Asia. Well-written and informative, it should be of interest to everyone" (Mission Studies).

About the Publication

This book briefly recounts the history of the establishment and expansion of Christianity in Southeast Asia from the colonial times onwards. With the exception of the Philippines, Christianity has been a minor religion in much of Southeast Asia, albeit one whose followers have sometimes had a disproportionate impact on education and other sectors of society. The author focuses on the current expansion of aggressive evangelical Christian groups in particular, and their prospects for increasing their following in various countries in the region and what the possible implications could be.
           Table of Contents
           Preliminary pages
           1. Introduction: Missionary Movements and the Coming of Christianity to Southeast Asia
           2. The Philippines
           3. Singapore
           4. Malaysia
           5. Indonesia
           6. Christianity in the Other Countries of Southeast Asia: Brunei, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam
           7. Conclusion: Social, Political and Economic Considerations Concerning Christianity in Southeast Asia


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