Evolution of ASEAN-Japan Relations

Evolution of ASEAN-Japan Relations
Sueo Sudo, author
Date of publication:  2005
Number of pages:  66
Code:  SEAB6


"This book is part of ISEAS' new series of background briefings for public outreach. Sudo succeeds in sketching the broad parameters of the relationship for the non-expert -- and, as such, it may prove to be a useful starting-point for undergraduates too" (Asian Affairs).

About the publication

This book charts the progress of ASEAN-Japan relations from their difficult wartime legacy to postwar moves at diplomatic and economic rapprochement through successive governments.
          Table of Contents
          1. ASEAN Meets Japan
          2. The Fukuda Doctrine Phase: 1977-86
          3. The Takeshita Doctrine Phase: 1987-96
          4. The Hashimoto Doctrine Phase: 1997-2003
          5. ASEAN +3: A New Phase?
          Selected References


  • Evolution of ASEAN-Japan Relations

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