Southeast Asian Affairs 1994

Southeast Asian Affairs 1994
Daljit Singh, editor
Date of publication:  2003
Number of pages:  367
Code:  SEAA94


  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Expanding Horizons in Southeast Asia?, by Michael Leifer , author
  • 2. The Southeast Asian Economies: Resilient Growth and Expanding Linkages, by Linda Y C Lim, Pang Eng Fong, authors
  • 3. The United States and Asia After the Cold War, by George H Quester, author
  • 4. Beyond Economic Reality: New Thoughts on the Growth Triangle, by Sree Kumar, Sharon Siddique, authors
  • 5. Brunei: The Search for a Sustainable Economy, by Mark Cleary, Simon Francis, authors
  • 6. Cambodia: From UNTAC to Royal Government, by Frank Frost, author
  • 7. The Cambodian People's Party: Where Has It Come From, Where Is It Going?, by Michael Vickery , author
  • 8. Indonesia: An Uncertain Outlook, by Harold Crouch, author
  • 9. Indonesia's Foreign Policy After the Cold War, by Dewi Fortuna Anwar , author
  • LAOS
  • 10. Laos: Consolidating the Economy, by Arthur J Dommen, author
  • 11. Malaysia: The Emergence of a New Generation of UMNO Leadership, by Ho Khai Leong, author
  • 12. Malaysian Defence Policy Revisited: Modernization and Rationalization in the Post-Cold War Era, by Chandran Jeshurun, author
  • 13. Myanmar: Will Forever Flow the Ayeyarwady?, by Khin Maung Kyi , author
  • 14. The Philippines: Moving the Country Forward, by Estrella D Solidum , author
  • 15. Armed Challenges to the Philippine Government: Protracted War or Political Settlement?, by Temario C Rivera, author
  • 16. Singapore: Change amidst Continuity, by Bilveer Singh, author
  • 17. Developing Singapore's External Economy, by Arun Mahizhnan, author
  • 18. Thailand: Twin Peaks, Disturbing Shadows, by John Girling, author
  • 19. The Thai Countryside in the 1990s, by Philip Hirsch, author
  • 20. Vietnam: "Pivotal Year"?, by Stephanie Fahey, author
  • 21. Vietnam: Coping with China, by Carlyle A. Thayer, author

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