Southeast Asian Affairs 1990

Southeast Asian Affairs 1990
Date of publication:  2003
Number of pages:  395
Code:  SEAA90


  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. The International Politics of Southeast Asia: Issues in 1989, by Khaw Guat Hoon, author
  • 2. Performance And Prospects of the Southeast Asian Economies: An Overview, by Rosario G Manasan, author
  • 3. Cross-Border Labour Flows in Southeast Asia: Patterns and Prospects, by Subbiah Gunasekaran, Gerard Sullivan, authors
  • 4. China: 1989 in Perspective, by Wang Gungwu, author
  • 5. The Changing International Image of Brunei, by Zainal Kling, author
  • 6. Towards Greater Maturity in Indonesia?, by Ngandani , author
  • 7. The Indonesian Economy Facing the 1990s: Structural Transformation and Economic Deregulation, by Sjahrir, author
  • 8. Diplomacy over the Kampuchean Question, by Eero Palmujoki, author
  • LAOS
  • 9. Laos: Taking the Pragmatic Road, by Ng Shui Meng , author
  • 10. Lao-Thai Trade: An Aggiornamento through Trial-and-Error, by Pheuiphanh Ngaosyvathn, author
  • 11. Malaysia in 1989: Forging a Plan for the Future, by Gordon P Means, author
  • 12. Malaysia's New Economic Policy: After 1990, by Hassan Osman-Rani, author
  • 13. The Burmese Way to Capitalism, by John Badgley, author
  • 14. Agriculture in Myanmar: What Has Happened to Asia's Rice Bowl?, by Mya Than, author
  • 15. A Gathering Crisis in the Philippines, by John Laurence Avila, author
  • 16. The "Mini-Marshall Plan" for the Philippines, by Steven Rood, author
  • 17. Singapore: Continuity in Change as the New Guard's Agenda Becomes Clearer, by Garry Rodan, author
  • 18. Towards a Sustained Recovery in the Singapore Economy and the "New Capitalism"?, by Cheah Hock Beng, author
  • 19. Thailand in 1989: Democracy Ascendant in the Golden Peninsula, by Donald E Weatherbee, author
  • 20. Changing Structure And Rising Dynamism in the Thai Economy, by Narongchai Akrasanee, Atchana Wattananukit, authors
  • 21. Vietnam: Renovation in Transition?, by Kim Ninh, author

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