Southeast Asian Affairs 1985

Southeast Asian Affairs 1985
Lim Joo-Jock, editor
Date of publication:  1985
Number of pages:  363
Code:  SEAA85


  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Southeast Asia in 1984: A Year of Watching and Waiting, by Robert O Tilman, author
  • 2. The Region in 1984: Growth and Restraint, by Florian A Alburo , author
  • 3. ASEAN Economic Co-operation: The Current Status, by Chng Meng Kng , author
  • 4. China and the Region, by Michael B Yahuda, author
  • 5. The USSR and the Region, by Robert C Horn, author
  • 6. Japan, Vietnam and ASEAN, by K V Kesavan, author
  • 7. Negara Brunei Darussalam: "A New Nation but an Ancient Country", by Sharon Siddique, author
  • 8. Burma In 1984: Unasked Questions, Unanswered Issues, by David I Steinberg, author
  • 9. Indonesia: The Pancasila State, by Donald E Weatherbee, author
  • 10. Economic Growth, Basic Needs and Environment in Indonesia: The Search for Harmonious Development, by Geoffrey B Hainsworth, author
  • 11. Cambodia in 1984: Historical Patterns Re-asserted?, by David P Chandler, author
  • LAOS
  • 12. Laos: Gearing Up For National Development, by MacAlister Brown, Joseph J Zasloff, authors
  • 13. Malaysia in 1984: A Political and Economic Survey, by Murugesu Pathmanathan, author
  • 14. Redistribution of Malaysia's Corporate Ownership in the New Economic Policy, by Sieh-Lee Mei Ling, Chew Kwee Lyn, authors
  • 15. The Aquino Legacy and the Emerging Succession Struggle in the Philippines, 1984, by David Wurfel, author
  • 16. The Philippine Economy: An Analysis of the Economic Crisis, by Agus Dwiyanto, author
  • 17. Singapore in 1984: A Time for Reflection and a Time for Change, by Lee Boon Hiok , author
  • 18. Development Management In Singapore: Institutional Leadership in Development, by Chong Li Choy, author
  • 19. Thailand in 1984: Towards a Political Modus Vivendi, by Hong Lysa , author
  • 20. Shoring up the Baht, by Piyavasti Amranand, author
  • 21. Vietnam In 1984: Confidence Amidst Adversity, by K W Taylor, author

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