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1. Southeast Asia in 1979: A Political Overview, by J A C Mackie, author 9.00 USD
2. Review of Southeast Asian Economies, 1979, by Cheong Kee Cheok, author 9.00 USD
3. Current AustralianAsean Relations, by Robyn Janet Lim, author 9.00 USD
4. The Soviet-Vietnamese Treaty: A Giant Step Forward, by Lau Teik Soon, author 9.00 USD
5. The Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979: Only The First Round?, by Masashi Nishihara , author 9.00 USD
6. Contemporary Islamic Developments In Asean, by Sharon Siddique, author 9.00 USD
7. Burma in 1979: Socialism with Foreign Aid and Strict Neutrality, by Aung Kin, author 9.00 USD
8. Indonesia in 1979: Controlled Discontent, by Leo Suryadinata, author 9.00 USD
9. The Devaluation and Structural Change in Indonesia, by Peter McCawley, author 9.00 USD
10. Multipolarity and Cambodias Crisis of Survival: A Preliminary Perspective on 1979, by Roger Kershaw, author 9.00 USD
11. Laos The Vietnamese Connection, by Martin Stuart-Fox, author 9.00 USD
12. Malaysia in 1979: Restructuring the Economy, Realigning Political Forces, by Laurence K L Siaw, author 9.00 USD
13. The Kedah UMNO-PAS Power Struggle: Its Origins and Development, by Mahadzir bin Mohamad Khir, author 9.00 USD
14. The Philippines in 1979: Towards Political Change, by M Rajaretnam, author 9.00 USD
15. Prospects for Normalization in the Philippines, by MacArthur F Corsino, author 9.00 USD
16. Singapore: Bold Internal Decisions, Emphatic External Outlook, by Lim Joo-Jock, author 9.00 USD
17. The Singapore Experience: Cultural Development in the Global Village, by Koh Tai Ann, author 9.00 USD
18. Thailand in 1979: A Year of Relative Stability, by Vichitvong na Pombhejara, author 9.00 USD
19. Into The Third Indochina War, by Huynh Kim Khanh, author 9.00 USD
20. Vietnam, ASEAN and the Indochina Refugee Crisis, by Frank Frost, author 9.00 USD

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