Introduction to Islamic Finance

Introduction to Islamic Finance
Date of publication:  2008
Number of pages:  102
Code:  SCFS3

About the publication

Islamic finance has undergone a remarkable transformation. The industry has witnessed a proliferation and innovation of financial products and services, advanced the development of domestic and international Islamic financial frameworks, and charted a rigorous expansion into international markets. Singapore, as a leading international financial centre, is well-placed to take advantage of the interest in Islamic finance and the growing economic linkages between the Middle East and Asia. This book is a concise and accessible guide to the evolving field of Islamic finance and its application in Singapore. It provides an overview of the key tenets and principles of Islamic finance, explores the range of products and instruments, considers the international regulatory architecture, and traces Singapore's approach to developing the industry.
          Published by Saw Centre for Financial Studies. Available exclusively from ISEAS for worldwide distribution.

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