The Islamic Voluntary Sector in Southeast Asia

The Islamic Voluntary Sector in Southeast Asia
Mohamed Ariff, editor
Date of publication:  2000
Number of pages:  258
Code:  SISEA7

About the publication

The Islamic economy may be broadly divided into three main sectors: the government, the commercial, and the voluntary. In Islamic states, these sectors play complementary roles in accordance with the tenets of Islam. In the non-Islamic states of Southeast Asia where there are, nevertheless, large Muslim communities, the Islamic voluntary sector has to assume greater responsibilities if the economic welfare and development of Muslim communities in the region are to be consonant with Islam. In this volume, several scholars examine the role of the Islamic voluntary sector (broadly defined) in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore. and Thailand, and explicate issues such as the mobilization, administration, and management of zakat and its various forms, waqf, and saddaqah.

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