India-ASEAN Economic Relations: Meeting the Challenges of Globalization

India-ASEAN Economic Relations: Meeting the Challenges of Globalization
Date of publication:  2005
Publisher:  RIS / ISEAS
Number of pages:  313
Code:  PIC130

About the publication

Indian economy and collectively ten ASEAN members are large and dynamic markets. They are undertaking reforms to deepen their integration within and outside the region. Although the India-ASEAN trade and economic relations have grown over the past decade in an impressive manner, the immense potential of cooperation and synergies remain to be exploited. They could fruitfully share technology, capital, human talent, developmental experiences and coordinate their positions in international forums such as WTO negotiations. India-ASEAN partnership could also be an important building bloc of the emerging broader regional economic cooperation in Asia viz. an Asian Economic Community built in a phased manner.
           Leading experts of the region in their contributions to this book examine the way in which the emerging partnership between India and ASEAN can be taken forward for mutual benefit, so that the two sides can leverage on each other's strengths to better negotiate the forces of globalization. Specifically, the book addresses the issues concerning the trade liberalization in both regional multilateral contexts and goes on to examine the prospects for investment flows and trade in financial services and information and communication technology. It also deals with the potential of sub-regional cooperation and the strategic implications of India-ASEAN cooperation which have hitherto received insufficient attention in the literature.
           India-ASEAN Economic Relations: Meeting the Challenges of Globalization is useful for Asian policymakers, researchers, and business professionals seeking better understanding of the dynamics of India-ASEAN relations and prospects.

Co-publication: RIS / ISEAS

Research & Information System / Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

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