Pro-poor Development Policies: Lessons from the Philippines and East Asia

Pro-poor Development Policies: Lessons from the Philippines and East Asia
Date of publication:  2022
Publisher:  ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute
Number of pages:  756
Code:  PIC286
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ISBN: 9789815011050
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"…this volume provides an excellent coverage of the multidimensional issues and challenges surrounding poverty alleviation in the Philippines. The breadth and quality of research in the book speak to the deep knowledge of the contributors in their chosen fields of studies. The chapters raise incisive questions, highlighting the often-complex issues and breaking them down into analytically digestible segments with the view to identifying targeted interventions and instruments aimed at reducing the incidence of chronic and transitory poverty."

About the publication

“This collection of essays provides a wealth of information and analysis about the Philippine economy and the role of agriculture and economic policy in it. The Philippine experience has been quite different from the highly successful Asian economies, with a long period of low growth until the turn of the century and only then greater success. The authors cover not only the Philippine experience but also place it in its Asian context and that of developing countries more generally. They report on the lessons learned, both positive and negative, from the various economic policies that have been adopted, with regard to both agriculture and to economic inequality. Those interested in Philippine economic development, and Asian development more broadly, will find this an important reference work.”

Anne O. Krueger, Senior Research Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; 1st Deputy Managing Director, IMF (2001-6); Vice-President of Economics and Research, World Bank (1982-86)

Co-publication: ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute

Co-published with SEARCA for worldwide distribution


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