Extracting Development: Contested Resource Frontiers in Mainland Southeast Asia

Extracting Development: Contested Resource Frontiers in Mainland Southeast Asia
Date of publication:  2022
Publisher:  ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute
Number of pages:  271
Code:  PIC288
Soft Cover
ISBN: 9789815011197
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Max D. Woodworth (Ohio State University), Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, Extracting Development, Dec 2023  

"The chapters contained in this volume should be useful for many researchers with regional emphases in Asia and who are interested in grounded, site-based qualitative social-science research in extractive regions. The primary audience for these chapters, therefore, will surely be scholars of Southeast Asia’s extraction zones, as the empirical richness of this type of research will be most accessible to them."

About the publication

Resource extraction is currently shaping Southeast Asian landscapes and people’s lives to an unprecedented degree. This volume explores old and new resource frontiers, their effect on local economies and social relations, and questions of (contested) resource control and governance. Case studies from Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia, illustrate the predicament of globalized extractivism processes in the region, particularly (but not only) with regard to China’s rising geopolitical and -economic influence, most prominently expressed by the Belt and Road Initiative. 

Discussing transboundary investments in land and water reserves, and localized commodification processes of agrarian resources, this volume not only investigates the competing actors and discourses of resource extraction in Southeast Asia. What is more, the different case studies shed light on the contingent outcomes on the ground of transregional economic dynamics and related socio-ecological transformations. Combining macro perspectives with fine-grained micro-scale studies, this volume offers a multi-faceted picture of extractivism in contemporary Southeast Asia.


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