Financial Resources for Development in Myanmar: Lessons from Asia

Financial Resources for Development in Myanmar: Lessons from Asia
Mya Than, Myat Thein, editors
Date of publication:  2000
Number of pages:  252
Code:  ICEA22

About the publication

Much attention has been paid to the increasingly substantial inflows of foreign direct investment into Myanmar since the country opened its doors to overseas investors in late 1988. In addition to bringing capital in the form of cash, such investment has also introduced new technology, training and skills, business and management acumen, as well as various other inputs that Myanmar undoubtedly requires if the country is to develop. However, there is a growing realization that FDI inflows alone will not enable the country to meet the ambitious economic growth targets. As evidenced by the "Asian Tiger" economies, there is also a need for considerable amounts of domestic capital. and in order to attain substantial levels of domestic investment a system of domestic savings "vehicles" -- that the state and industry can harness -- must be developed. Hence, this volume seeks to examine ways in which domestic savings and investment capital can be encouraged and increased. The contributors include not only Myanmar economists and policy-makers but also experts from ASEAN and Japan who share their experiences.

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