Contemporary Southeast Asia Vol. 31/2 (Aug 2009)

Contemporary Southeast Asia Vol. 31/2 (Aug 2009)
Date of publication:  August 2009
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  179
Code:  CS31/2


  • Contemporary Southeast Asia Vol. 31/2 (Aug 2009)
    [Whole Publication]
  • Preliminary pages
  • The Obama Administration and US Policy in Asia, by Robert Sutter, author
  • Contextualizing the Pattaya Summit Debacle: Four April Days, Four Thai Pathologies, by Michael J Montesano, author
  • Indonesia and Singapore: Structure, Politics and Interests, by Natasha Hamilton-Hart, author
  • Known Knowns and Known Unknowns: Measuring Myanmar's Military Capabilities, by Andrew Selth, author
  • Thailand's Elusive Quest for a Workable Constitution, 1997-2007, by Björn Dressel, author
  • Transboundary River Cooperation and the Regional Public Good: The Case of the Mekong River, by Oliver Hensengerth, author
  • BOOK REVIEW: Southeast Asia in Political Science: Theory, Region, and Qualitative Analysis. Edited by Erik Martinez Kuhonta, Dan Slater and Tuong Vu., by Patricio N Abinales, author
  • BOOK REVIEW: The Golden Triangle: Inside Southeast Asias Drug Trade. By Ko-Lin Chin., by David S Mathieson, author
  • BOOK REVIEW: Brokering a Revolution: Cadres in a Philippine Insurgency. Edited by Rosanne Rutten., by Paul A Rodell, author
  • BOOK REVIEW: Dependent Communities: Aid and Politics in Cambodia and East Timor. By Caroline Hughes., by Sophal Ear, author
  • BOOK REVIEW: The Idea of Indonesia: A History. By R.E. Elson., by Anthony L Smith, author
  • BOOK REVIEW: The Rise of China and International Security: America and Asia Respond. Edited by Kevin J. Cooney and Yoichiro Sato., by Willy Lam, author

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