The State of the Environment in Asia: 1999/2000

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About the Publication

Asia's rapid economic growth in recent years in combination with continued increases in population have brought to the region such global environmental problems as soil depletion, rapid tropical deforestation, and spreading damage from acid rain. The publication of this book is the first attempt to provide an in-depth report on the environment in Asia. Discussion of a broad spectrum of topics including economics, law, biology, and medicine is presented along with detailed data analysis by academic researchers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This book is based on an updated and newly edited translation of the Asian Environment White Paper originally issued by Toyo Keizai, Inc,. in late 1997. The first in a projected series of NGO perspective reports on the environment in Asia, the project is supported by the Japan Environmental Council.

Co-publication: ISEAS / SVerlagTok

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Springer Verlag, Tokyo


Preliminary pages
I.1. Accelerated Industrialization and Explosive Urbanization
I.2. The Accelerating Car Culture
I.3. Pollution and Health Damage
I.4. Conservation and Use of Biodiversity
II.1. Japan
II.2. Republic of Korea
II.3. Kingdom of Thailand
II.4. Malaysia
II.5. Republic of Indonesia
II.6. People's Republic of China
II.7. Taiwan
III.1. Basic Economic Indicators: External Debt and International Trade
III.2. Basic Economic Indicators: Official Development Assistance
III.3. Worker Accidents and Occupational Illnesses
III.4. Health and Education
III.5. Trends in Agriculture and Food Production
III.6. Pesticides, Chemical Fertilizers, and Eco-Agriculture
III.7. Deforestation and Forest Conservation
III.8. Regionally Disproportionate Wood Production and Consumption
III.9. Rapidly Increasing Marine Catches
III.10. Trends in Marine Product Consumption and Trade
III.11. The Wildlife Trade in Asia
III.12. Biodiversity in Asia
III.13. Advancing Urbanization
III.14. Asia's Growing Energy Use
III.15. Air Quality in Major Asian Cities
III.16. Tightening Water Supplies
III.17. Water Pollution Crisis
III.18. Wastes and Their Disposal
III.19. Transfrontier Movements of Hazardous Wastes
III.20. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
III.21. Global Warming Impacts and the International Response
III.22. Environmental Laws and Legislation
III.23. Membership in Environmental Conventions
Translator's Afterword, Index

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