Opposing Suharto: Compromise, Resistance and Regime Change in Indonesia

Opposing Suharto: Compromise, Resistance and Regime Change in Indonesia
Edward Aspinall, author
Date of publication:  2008
Number of pages:  328
Code:  SUP4

About the publication

Opposing Suharto presents an account of democratization in the world's fourth most populous country, Indonesia. It describes how opposition groups challenged the long-time ruler, President Suharto and his military-based regime, forcing him to resign in 1998. The book's main purpose is to explain how ordinary people can bring about political change in a repressive authoritarian regime. It does this by telling the story of an array of dissident groups, nongovernmental organizations, student activists, and political party workers as they tried to expand democratic space in the last decade of Suharto's rule.
          This book is an important study not only for readers interested in contemporary Indonesia and political change in Asia, but also for all those interested in democratization processes elsewhere in the world. Unlike most other books on Indonesia and unlike many books on democratization, it provides an account from the perspective of those who were struggling to bring about change.
          A book in the East-West Center series, Contemporary Issues in Asia and the Pacific, published by Stanford University Press. Available exclusively from ISEAS for distribution in Southeast Asia.

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