The Dynamics of Metropolitan Management in Southeast Asia

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About the Publication

A salient feature of contemporary urbanization in Southeast Asia is the existence of megacities. Experiencing unprecedented growth rates, these cities have faced problems that have threatened to undermine the practice of metropolitan management. Using an interdisciplinary approach, this study evaluates management in both its broader (governmental) and narrower (administrative) aspects. Specialists cover cities in seven countries: Bangkok (Jürgen Rüland and M.L. Bhansoon Ladavalya), Hanoi (Dean Forbes and Le Hong Ke), Jakarta (Manasse Malo and Peter J.M.Nas), Kuala Lumpur (Phang Siew Nooi, Kuppusamy S. and Malcolm W. Norris), Manila (Ton van Naerssen, Michel Ligthart and Flotilda N. Zapanta), Singapore (Beng-Huat Chua), and Yangon (Mya Than and Ananda Rajah).


Preliminary Pages
1. The Dynamics of Metropolitan Management in Southeast Asia: An Introductory Note
2. Managing Metropolitan Bangkok: Power Contest or Public Service?
3. A City in Transition: Socialist Reform and the Management of Hanoi
4. Queen City of the East and Symbol of the Nation: The Administration and Management of Jakarta
5. Metropolitan Management of Kuala Lumpur
6. Managing Metropolitan Manila
7. Singapore: Management of a City-State in Southeast Asia
8. Urban Management in Myanmar: Yangon

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