Housing in Southeast Asian Capital Cities

Housing in Southeast Asian Capital Cities
Ooi Giok Ling, author
Date of publication:  2005
Number of pages:  90
Code:  SEAB4

About the publication

The author presents some of the wider debates on housing and development while focusing on the major Southeast Asian capital cities: Jakarta, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Metro Manila. All of these have expanded enormously in terms of population and size, all have enormous problems ranging from provision of clean water and sustainable housing for the poor to dealing with the constant inflow of urban migrants. Despite this, most city governments remain worryingly ineffectual or uncommited to solving urgent problems of their expanding cities.
          Table of Contents
          1. Housing Challenges in a Rapidly Urbanizing Region
          2. Bangkok Metropolitan Area: Housing in a Primate City
          3. Housing in Jakarta — Contrasts between the Wealthy and the Poor
          4. Multi-ethnicity and Housing in Kuala Lumpur
          5. Housing and Urban Segregation in Metro-Manila
          6, Housing in Singapore —Housing and Nationhood
          7. The Housing Question in Southeast Asian Cities


  • Housing in Southeast Asian Capital Cities

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