Southeast Asian Affairs 1996

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About the Publication

Southeast Asian Affairs, of which there are now twenty-three in the series, is an annual on the political, economic and social trends and developments in Southeast Asia. First published in 1974, Southeast Asian Affairs represented then, as it still does now, a unique collection of analyses on contemporary Southeast Asia by contributors primarily from the region and reflecting the viewpoint of the region.
           Designed to be easily readable yet in-depth, informative yet analytical, issue-focused yet providing a background, the annual has come to be a useful tool for all serious students, academics, diplomats, senior executives, journalists and publicists who seek to understand the dynamics of Southeast Asian developments.
           Southeast Asian Affairs 1996, like the previous volumes, is divided into two parts. The first part consists of articles that provide the regional and ASEAN overviews. The second focuses on internal developments in each of the ten Southeast Asian countries. There is a state-of-the-nation analysis as well as articles devoted to a salient issue or significant theme for selected countries.


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Southeast Asian Affairs 1996 [Whole Publication] 24.00 USD
Preliminary Pages Download
1. Southeast Asia: Trends, Developments and Challenges 5.00 USD
2. Recent Economic Developments in Southeast Asia 5.00 USD
3. Japan's Search for a Political Role in Southeast Asia 5.00 USD
4. The Republican Congress: Asia's Gain or Pain? 5.00 USD
5. Financing Old Age in Southeast Asia: An Overview 5.00 USD
6. Brunei in 1995: A New Assertiveness? 5.00 USD
7. Cambodia: A Year of Consolidation 5.00 USD
8. Cambodia's Post-Cold War Dilemma: Democratization, Armed Conflict, and Authoritarianism 5.00 USD
9. Indonesia at 50: Islam, Nationalism (and Democracy?) 5.00 USD
10. Indonesia: Setting the Stage for Soeharto's Re-election 5.00 USD
11. Laos: Back to a Land of Three Kingdoms? 5.00 USD
12. Malaysia: Mahathir's Last Hurrah? 5.00 USD
13. New Malays, New Malaysians: Nationalism, Society and History 5.00 USD
14. Myanmar: Several Endings, No Clear Beginnings 5.00 USD
15. The Philippines in 1995: Completing the Market Transition 5.00 USD
16. The Philippines Labour Diaspora: Trends, Issues and Policies 5.00 USD
17. The Internationalization of Singapore Politics 5.00 USD
18. Consumption and Social Aspirations of the Middle Class in Singapore 5.00 USD
19. Thailand in 1995: The More Things Change, The More They Remain the Same 5.00 USD
20. The Thai Economy in the Mid-1990s 5.00 USD
21. Vietnam: Better Managing Reform 5.00 USD

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