Southeast Asian Affairs 1981

Southeast Asian Affairs 1981
Date of publication:  1981
Number of pages:  364
Code:  SEAA81


  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Asean Economy 1980: An Overview, by Narongchai Akrasanee, author
  • 2. Southeast Asia in 1980: A Diplomatic and Strategic Overview, by J M Chandran, author
  • 3. ASEAN and the Pacific Economic Community, by Chia Siow Yue , author
  • 4. Japan And Asean in the 1980s: Problems and Prospects, by Willard H Elsbree, author
  • 5. Indochina: The Nemesis Of ASEAN?, by Hans H Indorf, Astri Suhrke, authors
  • 6. Brunei In Transition, by A J Crosbie, author
  • 7. Oil And Independence In Brunei: A Perspective, by B A Hamzah - Hamzah Bin Ahmad, author
  • 8. Burma in 1980: Pouring Balm on Sore Spots, by Aung Kin, author
  • 9. Indonesia in 1980: Continuity Rather than Change, by Leo Suryadinata, author
  • 10. Indonesia's Rice Policy: Development Patterns, Accomplishment and Problems, by Njoman Suwidjana, author
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  • 11. Origins of Khmer Communism, by Ben Kiernan, author
  • LAOS
  • 12. Laos in 1980: Review of Developments, by Murray Hiebert, author
  • 13. Malaysia in 1980: A Year of Political Consolidation and Economic Development, by Zakaria Haji Ahmad , author
  • 14. The State and the Distribution of Wealth within the Malay Society in Peninsular Malaysia, by Joseph L H Tan, author
  • 15. The Philippines in 1980: At the Crossroads, by MacArthur F Corsino, author
  • 16. Land Reform in the Philippines: Past and Present, by Jesucita L Sodusta, author
  • 17. Singapore in 1980: Management of Foreign Relations and Industrial Progress, by Lim Joo-Jock, author
  • 18. The MRT Debate in Singapore: To Do or Not to Do?, by Seah Chee-Meow, author
  • 19. Thailand: Meeting the Challenges of the 1980s, by David Morell, Chai-Anan Samudavanija, authors
  • 20. The Communist Party of Thailand and Thai Radical Thought, by Yuangrat Wedel, author
  • 21. Vietnam in 1980: The Challenge of Isolation, by Ng Shui Meng , author

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