Regional Outlook: Southeast Asia 2006-2007

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About the Publication

Launched in 1992, Regional Outlook is an annual publication of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, published every January. Designed for the busy executive, professional, diplomat, journalist, or interested observer, Regional Outlook aims to provide a succinct analysis of current political and economic trends shaping the region, and the outlook for the forthcoming two years. This forward-looking book contains focused political commentaries and economic forecasts on all ten countries in Southeast Asia, as well as a select number of topical pieces of significance to the region.


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Regional Outlook: Southeast Asia 2006-2007 20.00 USD
Preliminary pages
The Asian Security Environment, by Mely Caballero-Anthony, author 5.00 USD
The ASEAN-10, by Hamzah Sulaiman, Verghese Mathews, Yang Razali Kassim, Vatthana Pholsena , Ooi Kee Beng, Robert H. Taylor, Rodolfo C Severino, Gillian Koh Lim Choo, Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Thaveeporn Vasavakul, authors 5.00 USD
Regional Economic Trends, by Denis Hew Wei-Yen, author 5.00 USD
The ASEAN-10, by M Shahidul Islam, Mya Than, Aris Ananta, Nick J. Freeman, Lee Poh Onn, Aladdin D Rillo, Manu Bhaskaran, Sakulrat Montreevat, authors 5.00 USD
Selected Sources of Data Download
The Contributors Download
THEMATIC HIGHLIGHTS (contained in the above sections)
Terrorism in the Region: Changing Alliances, New Directions, by Sidney Jones, author
The Threat of Maritime Terrorism and Piracy, by Graham Gerard Ong-Webb, author 5.00 USD
The Inaugural East Asian Summit: The First Step in a Long Journey, by Valrie Engammare, Jean-Pierre A. Verbiest, authors 5.00 USD
The Future for Asia's Low-Cost Carriers, by Chang Chiou Yi, author 5.00 USD
The End of Textile Quotas: Implications for ASEAN Economies, by Ng Boon Yian, author 5.00 USD
An Overview of Foreign Direct Investment Legal Rudiments in ASEAN, by Rajenthran Arumugam, author 5.00 USD
Competition Drives Growth: The Liberalized Telecommunications Sector in the Philippines, by Lorraine Carlos Salazar, author 5.00 USD

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