Reasserting the Rural Development Agenda: Lessons Learned and Emerging Challenges in Asia

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About the Publication

The agricultural sector's perceived importance in the international development circle waned dramatically after the 1980s, and investments in rural development and agricultural research and development declined sharply. This volume reasserts the role of agricultural and rural development in the economic development debate. By revisiting the evolution of ideas, paradigms and empirical evidence, and by drawing on Asian experiences, the book intends to set a reinvigorated agenda on agricultural and rural development both for research and policy discussions in the coming decades. Written by internationally acknowledged research scholars, this book is helpful to a wide range of audience, including researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and students interested in rural development in Asia and its future evolutions.

Co-publication: ISEAS / SEARCA

Co-published by Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) and Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA).


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Reasserting the Rural Development Agenda: Lessons Learned and Emerging Challenges in Asia 30.00 USD
Preliminary pages Download
1. Challenges and Policy Options for Agricultural Development: Overview and Synthesis, by Nobuhiko Fuwa, Arsenio Molina Balisacan, authors 5.00 USD
2. The Economics of Agricultural Development: What Have We Learned?, by James A. Roumasset, author 5.00 USD
3. The Role of Social Structures and Norms in Agricultural Development: Africa and East Asian Communities Compared, by Yujiro Hayami, author 5.00 USD
4. Food Security in a Globalised Setting, by Jock R Anderson, author 5.00 USD
5. Poverty and Vulnerability, by Arsenio Molina Balisacan, Nobuhiko Fuwa, authors 5.00 USD
6. Asian Agricultural Development: From the Green Revolution to the Gene Revolution, by Prabhu Pingali, Terri Raney, authors 5.00 USD
7. Dryland Agriculture in Asia: Ideas, Paradigms, and Policies, by William D Dar, Ma Cynthia S Bantilan, P Anand Babu, Guvvala Venkata Anupama, Deepthi Harkar, Ravula Padmaja, authors 5.00 USD
8. Establishing Efficient Use of Water Resources in Asia, by Randolph Barker, Mark W. Rosegrant, authors 5.00 USD
9. Improving the Delivery of Extension Services to Rural People: New Perspectives, by Dina Umali-Deininger, author 5.00 USD
10. Land Tenure and Forest Resource Management in Asia, by Keijiro Otsuka, author 5.00 USD
11. Globalisation and the Poverty-Environment Link in Asian Agriculture, by Ian Coxhead, author 5.00 USD
12. The Supermarket Revolution with Asian Characteristics, by Thomas Reardon, C Peter Timmer, authors 5.00 USD

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