MNCs and ASEAN Development in the 1980s

MNCs and ASEAN Development in the 1980s
Date of publication:  1980
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  217
Code:  PIC13

About the publication

Papers written by a distinguished group comprising senior ASEAN government officials, representatives of MNCs, prominent businessmen and industrialists, and presented at a conference held on 7-10 September 1980. Topics discussed include Government-MNC Relations; Government Investment Priorities; Financing ASEAN's Development; Enquiry Requirements in the 1980s; the Transfer of Technology by MNCs; Problems between MNCs and Host Countries.

Co-publication: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies


  • MNCs and ASEAN Development in the 1980s
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789814376884]
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Asian Development in the 1980s: Signals & Suggestions, by Stanley Katz, author
  • 2. Government-MNC Relations, by Raymond Vernon, author
  • 3. Government Investment Priorities, by Amnuay Viravan, author
  • 4. Financing ASEAN's Development: The Availability of Funds, by Eric W. Hayden, author
  • 5. Investment: What? How?, by Coen Ramaer, author
  • 6. Multinational Corporations & the Developing Societies, by Abdul Manan bin Othman, author
  • 7. The International Financial Environment for ASEAN Investments, by Philip E. Coldwell, author
  • 8. Energy Requirements in the 1980s, by Ray M. Ingram, author
  • 9. Multinational Corporations & the Transfer of Technology, by A.R. Soehoed, author
  • 10. Problems between Multinational Corporations & Host Countries, by Efren I. Plana, author
  • 11. Government Investment Priorities & Security of Investments, by Ngiam Tong Dow, author
  • 12. Availability of Investment Funds: Role of International Banking in Meeting ASEAN's Industrialization & Economic Needs in the 1980s, by Philip E. Coldwell, author
  • 13. Energy Requirements & Developments in the 1980s & the Respective Roles of Government & Foreign Investors in the Matter, by George B. Hargens, author
  • 14. Problems of Technology Transfer & of Labour & Management Training, by Coen Ramaer, author
  • 15. Summary of Main Findings, by Raymond Vernon, author
  • Appendices
  • List of Participants & Conference Planning Committee

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