Entrepreneurship in Vietnam: Transformation and Dynamics

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"The authors have done the field of Vietnamese studies a great favour in publishing this timely and information-packed monograph which sheds light on the poorly understood workings of private enterprise in Vietnam" (The Journal of Asian Studies).

About the Publication

The private small-scale manufacturing sector has emerged as a key actor in the development of Vietnam's economy since the launching of market-oriented reforms (doi moi) in the late 1980s. Yet until now little has been known about the nature and dynamics of this sector during this crucial period. The lack of hard data on these developments is addressed in the present study, which draws on a comprehensive survey in 1991 of some 1,000 non-state manufacturing enterprises, a repeat survey in 1997 of some 400 of the same enterprises, and a parallel survey in the same year of a further 500 enterprises not previously surveyed. The result is an in-depth analysis of the development and transformation of the sector.

Co-publication: ISEAS / NIAS

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Nordic Institute of Asian Studies


Preliminary pages
1. Introduction, by Per Ronnas, author
2. General Characteristics, by Maud Hemlin, author
3. Origin and Development History, by Bhargavi Ramamurthy, author
4. Linkages with the Rest of the Economy, by Maud Hemlin, author
5. Payment of Taxes and Fees, by Carmina Cortes, author
6. Employment, Labour and Wages, by Per Ronnas, author
7. The Transformation of the Non-state Manufacturing Sector in the 1990s, by Per Ronnas, author
8. The Non-state Manufacturing Sector in Vietnam 1991-97: An Analysis of the Winners, by Bhargavi Ramamurthy, author
9. The Non-state Manufacturing Sector in Vietnam 1991-97: An Analysis of the Closures, by Bhargavi Ramamurthy, author
10. Summary and Conclusions, by Per Ronnas, Bhargavi Ramamurthy, authors

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