Social Science and Power in Indonesia

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About the Publication

The premise of Social Science and Power in Indonesia is that the role and development of social sciences in Indonesia over the past fifty years are inextricably related to the shifting requirements of power. What is researched and what is not, which frameworks achieve paradigmatic status while others are marginalized, and which kinds of social scientists become influential while others are ignored are all matters of power. These and other important themes and issues are critically explored by some of Indonesia's foremost social scientists in this seminal work.

Co-publication: ISEAS / Equinox Publishing

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Equinox Publishing


Preliminary pages
1. Introduction, by Vedi R Hadiz, Daniel Dhakidae, authors
2. Institutions, Discourses, and Conflicts in Economic Thought, by Alexander Irwan, author
3. Ideological Baggage and Orientations of the Social Sciences in Indonesia, by Ariel Heryanto, author
4. The Negative and Positive Uses of Socio-economic Statistics, by Aris Ananta, author
5. Between Apologia and Critical Discourse: Agrarian Transitions and Scholarly Engagement in Indonesia, by Ben White , author
6. The Political Economy of Higher Education: The University as an Arena for the Struggle for Power, by Yanuar Nugroho, author
7. The Class Question in Indonesian Social Sciences, by Hilmar Farid, author
8. Inclusion and Exclusion: NGOs and Critical Social Knowledge, by Meuthia Ganie-Rochman, Rochman Achwan, authors
9. Social Sciences Associations, by P M Laksono, author
10. History, Nationalism, and Power, by Asvi Warman Adam, author

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