Changing Values in Asia: Their Impact on Governance and Development

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About the Publication

Asian values have been touted as the driving force behind Asia's rapid and remarkable economic strides in the past decades. But the financial and economic crisis of the late 1990s has launched an intense discussion on the relevancy of these same values to the difficulties Asia faces today. Do Asian values exist? If they do, how do they influence government policy, economic development, or foreign policy? Will they be a liability in the new age of globalization? These are among the many questions asked in the "Asian values" debate, answers to which are sought by the specialists brought together in this volume from Australia, China, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea.

Co-publication: ISEAS / JCIE

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Japan Center for International Exchange


Preliminary pages
1. Asian Values: An Asset or a Liability?, by Han Sung-Joo, contributor
2. Chinese Values, Governance, and International Relations: Historical Development and Present Situation, by Wang Yanzhong, contributor
3. Governance, Political Conditionality, and Japan's Aid Policy, by Oshiba Ryo, contributor
4. Values, Governance, and International Relations: The Case of South Korea, by Chung Oknim, contributor
5. Values, Governance, and Indonesia's Foreign Policy, by Rizal Sukma, contributor
6. Values in the Dynamics of Malaysia's Internal and External Political Relations, by Farish A Noor, contributor
7. Changing Filipino Values and the Redemocratization of Governance, by Segundo E. Romero, contributor
8. Values and Governance Issues in the Foreign Policy of Singapore, by Leonard C Sebastian, contributor
9. Australia and Asia Pacific: Cultural Narratives and "Asian Values", by Stephanie Lawson, contributor
10. When Values Meet: Recent European Experiences, by Bernhard Stahl, contributor
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