The Philippines: New Directions in Domestic Policy and Foreign Relations

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About the Publication

This volume aims to provide a timely, comprehensive, and balanced assessment of the Philippines' progress to date, the challenges it faces, and its prospects. Four of the chapters describe the major political and economic reforms that have occurred during the 1990s under both the Aquino and Ramos administrations and assess the prospects for their continuation. Additional chapters offer informed perspectives on the Philippines' changing foreign relations and on the evolving roles of the Filipino American community. For customers in Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia and New Zealand.

Co-publication: ISEAS / Asia Society

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Asia Society


Preliminary pages
1. Introduction: The Philippines' New Normalcy, by David Timberman, contributor
2. Sustaining Economic and Political Reform: The Challenges Ahead, by Paul Hutchcroft, contributor
3. Philippine Economic Growth: Can It Last?, by Emmanuel S de Dios, contributor
4. The War Against Poverty: A Status Report, by Solita Collas-Monsod, contributor
5. Decentralization, Democracy and Development, by Steven Rood, contributor
6. New Directions and Priorities in Philippine Foreign Relations, by Jose T Almonte, contributor
7. The Filipino American Community: New Roles and Challenges, by Rene P Ciria-Cruz, Mona Lisa Yuchengco, contributors
Suggestions for Further Reading, About the Contributors

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