Postwar Vietnam: Dynamics of a Transforming Society

Postwar Vietnam: Dynamics of a Transforming Society
Hy V Luong, editor
Date of publication:  2003
Publisher:  ISEAS / Rowman
Number of pages:  336
Code:  IU16


"The book's strength lies in its ability to construct an image of Vietnam as a dynamic, multi-faceted society in the throes of political and economic transformation. Each of the nine chapters details some aspect of these recent changes.... This book is recommended because of the wealth of current information it contains on aspects of Vietnam's development that, until very recently, have been under-represented in the literature" (Population Review).

About the publication

Moving beyond the standard emphasis on the Vietnam War and Vietnamese politics and economy, this volume provides a historically grounded examination of the dynamics of contemporary society and state-society relations. The contributors explore the dynamics of economic reforms, socio-economic inequality, environmental changes, gender and ethnic relations, migration, media, and ritual. Their work will be of interest to all those studying Southeast Asia, socialist and post-socialist societies, agrarian transformation, international development, as well as the Vietnam War.

Co-publication: ISEAS / Rowman

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Rowman & Littlefield Publisher Inc.

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