Type: Book
Subject: Economics
Country: Malaysia
Person: Zawawi Ibrahim


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Zawawi Ibrahim

Wan Zawawi Ibrahim received his Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from Monash and is currently Professor of Sociology and Dean of the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). His research interests include peasant society and rural labour, indigenous minorities in the nation-state, youth and popular culture, and the anthropology of subjectivities. His publications include Regional Development in Rural Malaysia and the "Tribal Question" (1995); (as editor) Kami Bukan Anti-Pembangunan: Bicara orang Asli Menuju Wawasan 2020 (1996); and (as editor) Cultural Contestations: Mediating Identities in a Changing Malaysia Society (1998). He is also a composer-lyricist-singer and recently released a compact disc entitled DAYUNG (BMG label), part of which incorporates Orang Asli music and voice.

The Malay Labourer: By the Window of Capitalism

The Malay Labourer: By the Window of Capitalism
Zawawi Ibrahim, author
Date of publication:  2000
Number of pages:  364
Code:  BM184
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