ASEAN Economic Bulletin Vol. 1/1 (Jul 1984)

ASEAN Economic Bulletin Vol. 1/1 (Jul 1984)
Date of publication:  July 1984
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  88
Code:  AE1/1


  • Preliminary pages
  • ASEAN Economies: The Tasks Ahead, by Prem Tinsulanond, author
  • Recent Shifts in Industrialization Strategies and Trade Patterns of ASEAN Countries, by Romeo M Bautista, author
  • Inflationary Effects of Exchange Rate Changes: The Case of the ASEAN Countries, 1973-79, by Pradumna B Rana, author
  • Import Restrictions and Export Promotion Measures in Southeast Asian Countries: Recent Developments and Future Perspectives, by Wilfried Lutkenhorst, author
  • The ASEAN PTA: An analysis of the Across-the-Board Tariff Cuts on Items below US$10 million, by Ooi Guat Tin, author
  • DOCUMENTATION: ASEAN Customs Code of Conduct
  • DOCUMENTATION: ASEAN Chronology 1983
  • BOOK REVIEWS: European Interests in ASEAN by Stuart Harris and Brian Bridges, by Pushpa Thambipillai, author
  • BOOK REVIEWS: Economic Policies towards Transnational Corporations, the Experience of the ASEAN Countries by Friedrich von Kirch-bach, by Hans Christoph Rieger, author
  • BOOK REVIEWS: The Malaysian Economy, Structure and Dependence by Khor Kok Peng Recession and the Malaysian Economy by Khor Kok Peng, by Hans Christoph Rieger, author
  • Some Recent Publications

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